Redvers House project, Sheffield

Access Scaffold

The first part of the Redvers House Project, Sheffield required a design to allow access for the installation of the cladding. The building fronted a pedestrian pavement where access had to be maintained. Additionally, the scaffold could have minimal ties to the structure meaning it was to be designed with a buttress and clear walkway through for pedestrian access. To offer protection to the public, the scaffold also had fans projecting out as well as being sheeted on elevations to prevent debris from falling.

Hoist run-off

The second part of the Redvers House Project, Sheffield was to provide a design for a hoist tower, runoff and landing platform. The hoist needed founding on a level surface, but the ground was sloped, and consequently, a loading platform was required. This part of the design involved the use of beam work to effectively distribute and support the loading from the hoist mast. Additionally, the hoist mast would require tying to the scaffold tower which in turn would be tied to the building structure. Because of this, the scaffold tower had to be designed to withstand the forces from the mast, as well as from the wind.

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