Newlands House project, Nottingham

Mast climbers’ scaffold

For the Newlands House Project, Nottingham, the concept was simple but required a careful approach to achieve success. The scaffold was required to support a number of mast climbers around the building.

This was due to the lower surrounding roofs not having the structural integrity to support a full access scaffold or the load from the mast climbers. To circumvent this issue, our team at Sheffield-based D H Scaffold Services Ltd decided to cantilever support decks from inside the building to support the masts.

Beams and transoms

Therefore, for this scaffold, accurate positioning of beams and transoms was key to ensuring that all of the scaffold components worked in tandem in a safe manner. To spread the load to the deck large sleepers were positioned over pairs of 750mm deep beams. These beams were then restrained via shear ties into the concrete slab. The long lever-arms on the cantilevers allowed the loads to be acceptable.

Internal corner

The internal corner presented a slightly complicated challenge at the Newlands House Project, Nottingham, because the mast climbers were required to reach both elevations, but cantilevers from inside the building were not a suitable option. Therefore, we presented an idea of two bridges at separate floor levels supported by external towers. As before positioning was key in achieving a safe and fit for purpose design. In the end, this presented a relatively straightforward solution with 750mm deep beams being supported by shear fitting on the slab and support towers from ground providing the external support.

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