Fenwick Shopping Centre project

Sheffield-based D H Scaffold Services Ltd has a long history of delivering quality workmanship on a huge range of scaffolding projects around the UK. Call us today. Here are details on our Fenwick Shopping Centre project.

Cabin Gantry

To avoid surrendering car parking spaces, the only remaining location suitable for the cabins at the Fenwick Shopping Centre project was on the existing roof. The existing roof structure was not able to directly support the weight of the cabins, and the scaffold was required to span between the main structural roof beams, which had a greater bearing capacity than the main roof areas, with the support legs of the cabins located in these positions. Using this method, the main contractor was able to have three offices, a canteen and facilities cabins located safely without any impact on the running of the facility.

Hoist support scaffold

The façade of the building is clad and therefore the scaffold could not be tied into the facade. The scaffold had to be designed to transfer the horizontal loads from the hoist back into the building at each floor where structural concrete ring beams were located and could be tied into.

Temporary Roofs

To allow for the existing roof covering to be removed and for some small single-storey buildings to be demolished, weatherproofing in the form of a temporary roof was required. Due to the layout of the existing buildings and the extent of the new build, the temporary roof was designed in various sections specific to each area.

A smaller temporary roof was designed to span across a 10m void. In another area, the scaffold was designed to span between the existing roof trusses, sitting on purlin lines, where timber packing was required to spread loading to the purlins. The main temporary roof was initially planned as a system roof but due to the span being in the region of 44m, the vertical and horizontal loads were deemed too great to be sustained by the narrow support scaffolds. Consequently, a spine beam was designed which picked up the apex of the roof effectively creating a pitched roof, however, the horizontal loads to support scaffolds were greatly reduced by use of the spine beams. The support scaffolds to the three sides of this temporary roof had to be bridged between the main structural roof beams to avoid loading to unsuitable areas.

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