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Get highly accurate design calculations for your scaffolding from D H Scaffold Services Ltd. Working across the entire UK, we guarantee a quality service.

High-quality designs

Our precise scaffolding design calculations at D H Scaffold Services Ltd will allow you to get the perfect scaffolding for your project. Our Sheffield-based team will work with you to establish your criteria for any finished scaffolding, and we’ll inspect the site so that we can factor all relevant data into our calculations. The finished results will deliver the kind of accuracy you need to produce scaffolding that matches the complexity and full variety of project needs. Our team are happy to tell you more about what we do. Get in touch today.
scaffold inspection service
scaffold inspection service

A Team of Experienced Scaffold Contractors

Any construction project big or small requires a trained and experienced team to execute it. Here at DH Scaffold Services, each of our team members are expert in scaffold design and systems, ensuring your scaffolding can withstand ongoing work in a safe and functional way. We are proud of our track record of client satisfaction and high-quality work,  with each designer coming up with a bespoke solution for your needs.

While we were only formed as a company in 2011, our team brings decades of specialised experience in the construction industry to the table. This means you can choose us to work on your scaffolding projects in the knowledge that we will be professional throughout. DH Scaffold Services Ltd. Can work on every aspect of your project, from scaffold calculation to scaffold design. Our survey and feasibility services identifies all your needs, and can also identify potential issues at an early stage, thus saving time and money later. If you have experienced issues at any stage, we also offer onsite inspections to help you solve any problems and get your project moving forward again.  We can assist on any project in any part of the UK, and will work to strict timetables where needed. No matter the size or location of your project, call us today on 0114 230 0923


Providing Specialist Scaffold Designs

A comprehensive design and detailed drawings are a requirement for every construction project, regardless of its size, scope or scale. The requirement for detailed design doesn’t just cover the building or structure itself but also the scaffolding required to construct it, ensuring both safety and ease of access for all personnel involved.

As a company experienced in the design of scaffold systems, we can provide expert knowledge and guidance on a range of projects, whether typical construction or more specialist undertakings. To discuss your requirements for scaffolding design, call us today to speak to a member of our team.


Custom Scaffold Design

Specialist scaffold design and construction is a vital part of all projects. Detailed plans need to be drawn by an experienced team, not only for the structure itself but the installation of scaffolding – each stage needs to be considered fully to make sure the site safe and on track for completion.

Our team can provide guidance for this stage of work, using expert knowledge for standard scaffolding designs or plans that are more complex.


Experienced in Detailed Scaffold Calculation

Much of the detail and design input surrounding scaffolding is in relation to the engineering calculations required to ensure that it will stand up to a variety of usage scenarios. As part of this process, we perform a range of calculations to ascertain the loading requirements for the scaffolding based upon what it will be used for and the condition of the ground it will be erected on.

Once our calculations have been completed, they can be projected into both 2D and 3D images, perfect for visualising how the scaffolding will function in reality. Once checked for integrity, these drawings will form the basis of the scaffolding design and can be passed onto scaffolding contractors for construction. For more information on the calculations we produce, get in touch with a member of our team.


DH Scaffold Services: Assistance on Scaffold Projects

Our experience in providing scaffolding advice and expertise has been gained over many years in the provision of our services to clients around the United Kingdom. With over 2000 projects completed across a variety of industries, you can rely on us to provide impartial and accurate advice on all matters in relation to scaffolding.

If you have a construction or infrastructure project in the pipeline, call us today to appoint us as your scaffold design consultants as soon as practicable. The sooner we are onboard, the sooner we can begin providing design input that will shape your project for the better.

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